Always late with my posts, it’s finally time for me to write about one of the best meals I’ve had this year — back on May 21. Organized by Michael Uzmann and hosted by Joe Muscaglione at his restaurant Niu Gu, the fourth installment of Uzmann’s Chef Series meals was spectacular in its diverse selection of dishes. Chefs from around the city showcased some of their favorite dishes, overwhelming palates with wave after wave of amazing sweet and savory dishes.

The restaurant, located off of Jones Blvd in Chinatown, is an intimate space that was filled with some familiar faces and many new ones. The amount of food that chefs donated was ridiculous and proved to be way too much for the crowd of 20+ to finish with many leaving with boxes upon boxes of leftovers.

Here’s a rundown of what was had:

Whole Hog Roast by Antonio Nunez. This dish was completely over the top, as it was a whole pig, and too much for our small group to finish. The meat however was excellent.

Pork belly adobo roulades with garlic rice by Marty Red DeLeon Lopez. One of my favorite dishes of the day, the sliced pork was amazing with its sweet, tangy adobo sauce.

Skillet Cornbread by Jon VanHusen. It was unanimous amongst everyone that the cornbread stole the show with it’s crunchy bottom crust, crystalized, sweet top and a light, fluffy texture that made it some of the best cornbread any of us have had.

Mushroom meatloaf by Jon VanHusen. Presented in small cylindrical, single-serving portions, it was an elegant take on a classic dish.

Sausage & Calabrian Peppers with Italian bread platter by Chris Decker.

Green Tripe salad, Fresh garbanzo, Bird’s beak chili, Preserved Buddha vinaigrette by John Courtney

Malabar Chicken Biriyani by Hemant Kishore – layered basmati rice, chicken masala, fried onions, cashews, raisins. Tender, flavorful chicken where the rice was an equal star to the protein.

Gulab jamun by Hemant Kishore

French toast bread pudding,Tres leche gelato, House smoked maple syrup by Carlos Buscaglia. Thick, sweet, and absolutely fantastic. It was paired with gelato from Gelatology.

Potato Gnocchi with Farmer’s Market Caponata by Chris Palmeri. An excellent version of gnocchi in a thick, savory sauce full of meat and peppers.

Beef Kelaguen and mango cucumber garnish by Sandra Palomo

Apple pies and almond croissants by Jonathan Pluvinet. From the owner of Rosalie, the apple tartines were restrained in their sweetness. Croissants, as always, were amazing.

Stone Fruit Pop Tarts and Sea Salt Spiced Caramel by Jaret Blinn. The pop tarts were some of the most beautiful items of the day. A touch sweet but the tartness helped balance it out.

Hong Kong style black cod by Jimmy Li.

Niu Gu signature short rib by Jimmy Li. Cooked on the bone, the flavors of the meat were wonderful.

Home made Kim Chi Fried Rice by Dan Krohmer. From one of my favorite chefs, the fried rice never disappoints.

Frisee Aux Lardons, Pate Campagne, Cornichons, Bread by Josh Smith. Another beautiful dish that was prepared at the site by their sous chef.

Lemon mascarpone cake and Banana caramel cake by Tiffany Sheree Jones. Fabulous cakes that were as delicious as they were beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of bananas, but her banana caramel cake was rich, creamy, dense and delicious.

HeXx Single Origin Petit Four Selection: brownies, chocolate tarts, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cheesecake with caramel corn by Matthew Piekarski and Carol Garcia. You couldn’t go wrong with any of these desserts. The single source chocolates prove that quality ingredients matter… as does the talent to make them shine.

Blueberry and lemon verbena tartlets by Tammy Alana

Ketel One, sage infused simple syrup, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, touch of mint with a float of sparkling water and cucumber peel garnish by David Cooper

Don Julio reposado, Montinegro amaro, grapefruit infused simple syrup, fresh orange juice, fresh grapefruit, sea salt, tajin, grapefruit soda, grapefruit peel dipped in sea salt-tajin rub by David Cooper. Both cocktails were excellent especially the tequila one which had some spice to it.

5 Stars

Niu Gu
3400 S Jones Blvd
Ste 16
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 570-6363