Located in Williams, AZ right on Rt 66, we were sucked in by the kitschiness of it. It looks like part gas station and garage and part restaurant and gift shop. Everything associated with Rt 66 adorns the walls. There was live entertainment too. It looked like a fun place, unfortunately the food was not good. 

The meat on the BBQ chicken ($14.99/half chicken) fell right off the bone, but it was so dry you’ll reach for your drink to wash it down. The sauce covering it was also excessively tangy. The beans were ok and I didn’t even touch the cole slaw.

Their famous nachos ($12.99) weren’t great either. The potato chips all turned soggy under the weight of all the cheese and BBQ sauce. Underneath it all was BBQ pulled pork that wasn’t bad. It probably would have been better if they just used tortilla chips since they wouldn’t get as soggy as quickly.

The place is a tourist trap, preying on unsuspecting people looking for a fun environment.

1 Star

233 W Rte 66
Williams, AZ 86046
(928) 635-2445

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