This is the second location for Showboy. I never made the trek to their Henderson spot, so I’m glad they opened up this one off of Haulapai, just south of Summerlin. The glitzy, elegant interior lives up to the Showboy name as it looks like the lobby of a theater.

Most of the cupcakes I’ve had have been excellent. Chocoholics will love “The Director” for its rich, sweet chocolate overdose of both cake and buttercream or “The Emcee” with its thick, sugary German chocolate topping. If you want something lighter, “Lemon Minnelli” is a must. The tartness and subtle sweetness  of the vanilla cake and lemon cream cheese was a nice contrast to the heavier chocolate cupcakes. “Strawberry Champagne” was another great, fruity option and the “Wonderland” was a good take on a carrot cake cupcake with enough spice in the cake to balance the sweet orange blossom cream cheese topping.

My least favorite has been “Cookies N Green.” I’m typically a fan of mint chocolate, but the mint in the buttercream was too much.

Despite that, the beautifully decorated and creative desserts Showboy produces makes this one of my top cupcake destinations in town.

4.5 Stars

3370 S Hualapai Way
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(888) 261-3326