It’s a CA chain, but it’s convenience (across the street from our hotel) won out over going somewhere I knew would be better. Plus, it’s kid-friendly and on the water with a good view. All good points to bring your kid here as opposed to some other place that would be fancier and superior.

This place wasn’t bad, though, for what it is. Italian-American food that is approachable and familiar. It’s a safe bet when you want to grab a fairly quick meal at an inexpensive price with a kid that doesn’t love dining out.

Grabbing a booth is always good. They have plenty here and most have a direct view of the water. They start you off with bread drenched — drowning — in butter. Quite good, actually. But, butter makes everything better.

The kid got his standard penne pasta with butter and parmesan ($7.50). He thought it was a little bland. If he says it’s bland, then you know there’s no salt in there.

I opted for a BBQ chicken pizza ($15), their small version is about 10 inches, I think. 6 slices. It was better than expected. There was a slight smokiness to the chicken to go along with the tanginess of the BBQ sauce. All smothered in gouda and topped with cilantro and red onions. The crust was firm but chewy. I was bummed a couple days later when I finally remembered that I forgot the leftovers in the hotel’s fridge.

3 Stars

5050 N Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 226-0268

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