With another meet up amongst Instagrammers, I found myself in Henderson for a tasting at Red Rice, a casual eatery specializing in food from Guam. I can’t say I’ve had their cuisine before, but it’s similar enough to Pacific Island/Filipino food that it was familiar enough.

On the day, our group sampled, on the house, their two main platters and a few sides. Both plates had in common BBQ chicken and BBQ spare ribs, which were a little tough for my tastes, and chicken kelaguen, a staple of Guam with a strong vinegar taste to liven the palate. Unique to the Hafa Adai plate ($11.95) was a meaty and flakey empanda, while the Fiesta plate ($13.50) consisted of a crispy lumpia, a round, fried shrimp patty and tender BBQ beef. Both proved to be well executed plates at very affordable prices.

I’m typically not a fan of spam musubi, but their version wasn’t bad, in part because their red rice elevates all their dishes. Made with achote/annatto seeds, which gives the rice its reddish/orange color, the rice has a wonderful nutty and peppery profile.

Also unique to Guam are the coconut titiyas ($2.75), similar to pita bread, but with a slightly sweet flavor. Ending the meal were some sweet, doughy beignets.

Owned and operated by a local family, Red Rice provided a nice glimpse into the food of Guam. With elements both new and familiar, there’s plenty that would draw me back when I’m in the area.

3.5 Stars

9400 S Eastern Ave
Ste 106A
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 912-4826

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