You might not be able to find cheaper chicken and waffles in town. Their menu has a whole page devoted to different variations of the dish, based on the amount and type of chicken and number of waffles. I went with the Lil Amadi at the super low price of $7, consisting of one thigh, one drumstick, and one waffle. The chicken was better than expected with a crunchy, crisp exterior and well seasoned, tender meat underneath. The cinnamon in the waffle was noticeable right away. I could smell it as the plate was being set down in front of me. Thin, with edges slightly crispy, but the overall texture was one of a soft, pliable, chewy waffle. A warm dispenser of maple syrup was provided too. Not a bad meal at all, but far from the top notch versions found elsewhere around town.

One order of cornbread is fairly massive. It’s a large muffin topped with a scoop of butter. The bottom and outside edges were firm, while the inside was moist and quite chewy with bits of corn worked in.

The service at the bar was great — friendly and attentive. The selection of beer, on the other hand, was pretty sad. Beers on tap included Bud, Bud light, a cider and something that was like Busch light. It would have been nice if they could get some local brews for their taps instead.

This place may not offer the best southern food around, but the price and portion sizes are strong reasons to pay this place a visit.

3 Stars

2040 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108
(702) 483-4311