Locally owned and operated, this small spot at the corner of Ft. Apache and Sunset offers some fresh donuts. The couple times I’ve stopped by their cases have been pretty bare, with not much of a selection to choose from. The quality of their donuts has been good, but the size has varied on each occasion, with thicker ones during my first visit and considerably thinner ones during my second.

The Samoa donut was amazing. Topped with a thick coconut topping with chocolate drizzled on top, the donut itself was chewy, yet airy. It definitely lived up to its Girl Scout cookie counterpart. The Red Velvet was a thick, cake donut with plenty of chocolatey flavors throughout. The green tea donut topped with pistachios and the cookies and cream donut were good as well.

The guy behind the counter said they can make a variety of other flavors fresh, to order with the complete list of flavors found on their website. They would be better off with some signage in store noting that and listing all of the available flavors. If I had been aware of the different flavors, I probably would have tried the horchata and churro or taro with toasted coconuts.

4 Stars

6545 S Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 246-2888