Their showroom is massive. You could spend half a day just walking around and looking at everything. Their furniture may not be high quality, but it is affordable. And, looking to decorate my kid’s room, we found several things here that he loved. I also found plenty of stuff to buy for myself — kitchen utensils, trays, lights, etc.

As for the food, it’s mediocre at best located in a cafeteria setting. Their rich, dense Chocolate Conspiracy cake ($2.99) was the best thing we tried. The Swedish meatballs ($4.99) weren’t nearly as good as I remember from my childhood. The kids chicken tenders ($1.29) were a step above typical fast food fare. The Swedish apple cake ($2.49) was short on apples heavy on the sugary filling. It was a really cheap meal for me and my kid and the quality matched the price.

2 Stars for the food, 4 for the inexpensive furniture

6500 Ikea Way
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(888) 888-4532