Late last summer I was invited to sample a selection of new dishes from Served as they were thinking about expanding their hours to serve dinner. They are currently only open for breakfast and lunch. However, the seven course meal showcased the chef’s talent and creativity wasn’t limited to breakfast food.

Two scallop dishes began our meal, the first a crudo with orange segments laying a shallow pool of lemon truffle vinaigrette. The second was a more savory dish with seared scallops and mushrooms.

The prettiest and most photogenic plating was that of a grilled jumbo prawn. atop a roasted white corn puree  and a crispy yuzu soy garlic vinaigrette. Continuing with the seafood theme, a flakey and meaty togarashi covered salmon was brought out next. Its smokey and peppery flavor was outstanding, and that’s coming from someone who rarely eats or likes cooked salmon.

Rounding out the meal were two beef dishes — a fork tender braised short rib and a 6oz. filet. Both came with a medley of expertly seasoned vegetables.

Based on this meal, which was fully comped, I’d love to return for breakfast or brunch. The biggest drawback is the location. Deep in Henderson, in the back corner of a small strip mall, it’s a journey for almost all of the valley’s residents. But, if their regular menu is every bit as good as what I tried, it might be worth the occasional  trek.

4 Stars

1770 W Horizon Ridge
Ste 100
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 263-0136