On our way back from Castillo de San Felipe we stopped at a restaurant in Santo Tomas when we asked our driver to take us to his favorite restaurant. Not knowing what to expect but hoping for the best, we ended up at an open-air restaurant right on the water, a short distance from the cruise port.

Without another tourist in sight, we sat with our cab driver and dined among locals. The food turned out to be some of the best we had during our trip. Garlic shrimp was plenty buttery and full of garlic covering at least half a dozen extra large shrimp. The platter came with fries, rice and beans, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. I washed it down with some Gallo beer. The meal wasn’t cheap — almost $50 US dollars after tip — but was a great experience chatting with our driver as he tried his best to speak English and we tried our best Spanish to get to know each other over simply prepared, but well executed and flavorful local food.

4 Stars

Santo Tomas de Castilla Puerto Barrios Izabal

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