Our last dinner of the cruise, on Christmas night, was at Cagney’s Steakhouse on the 13th floor towards the back of the Jade. It’s a modern looking steakhouse with elegant, yet comfortable seating and decor.

Appetizers to start included shrimp cocktail with three shrimp and minimal cocktail sauce; a delicious and substantial iceberg wedge salad; and an odd beef short rib confit dish. It was a unique dish that seemed at odds with its ingredients. The hummus was ok, the bread somewhat dense, and tender beef that had a sloppy joe-kind of taste to it. Together it all seemed weird and not a dish I’d recommend.

I’m not positive about this, but based on the steak we had here and elsewhere, the quality here was higher. On the menu it said the quality was certified angus beef. At places like the Grand Pacific and La Cucina the steak there didn’t seem like anything higher than Choice cuts.

The 8oz. filet was as tender as expected and cooked perfectly. The ribeye had good flavor, a good amount of fat, yet also meaty and well seasoned. The garlic butter on top made it even better.

Side dishes were small. But if you get enough of them you can share. Green beans were good and crispy. Creamed corn was a bit watery and runny. Roasted mushrooms were ok. I liked the truffle and parmesan flavor of the fries.

The raspberry creme brulee was a disappointment. It was almost like a chocolate mouse, lacking the egginess or creaminess of a good creme brulee. On the other hand, the warm apple cardamom crisp was a tasty crumble dish with apples and other ingredients mixed together and topped with ice cream.

Cagney’s was the best meal on the Jade and I’m glad we reserved it for our Christmas night dinner, making it the perfect ending to an exceptionally fun cruise.

4 Stars

Norwegian Jade
Tampa, FL 33602

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