This small, locally owned mom-and-pop-type shop has several tables to dine in. You’ll be surrounded by lots of Chicago memorabilia hanging on the walls as you look through a menu that isn’t limited to pizza. There’s plenty of other Italian-American dishes ranging from pastas to calzones to sandwiches and chicken wings.

The pizza is pretty good compared to most quickie, take-out or delivery places but not on par with the top pizza makers in town. Their crust is thin, chewy, with only slight crispness. Their meat lover’s pizza is generous with toppings with a tangy sauce with some acidity to it. Their white pizza was excessively oily (yeah, I know it’s a white pie, but even by those standards it was too much).

They’re a clear step up from pizza chains and prices are respectable. As close as they are to my house, I’m sure I’ll give them another shot and try more of their menu.

3 Stars

8125 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 979-9222