Owned by Kari Garcia, the former co-owner and baker of Retro Bakery, tsp serves mini cupcakes, along with specialty cakes, Lappert’s ice cream, cookies, and rolls that she has branded as “fairy rolls.” Cupcake flavors are mostly different than what she had at Retro and while I loved the mini cupcake and full-sized cupcakes at her old business, I found some of the minis here to be undercooked with a mushy, wet texture and icing that was  a bit too sweet. The cheesecake mini ($2) fared the best, with its solid vanilla graham cake base topped with cheesecake frosting and a small cube of cheesecake above that.

The cookies are the “can’t miss” items of the bakery. If there’s a better cookie than the Mega Chip (chocolate, peanut butter, white, and butterscotch chips), I haven’t had it. The red velvet cookie is excellent too. Both are soft, chewy, and thick. The Fairy roll — light, flaky and buttery, smothered with icing and sprinkles — is a nice departure from their other offerings. I’d love to see them expand their options to include a variety of rolls with custom toppings.

4 Stars

6120 N Decatur Blvd
North Las Vegas, NV 89084
(702) 331-9265