Locally owned and operated, it’s another Hawaiian business bolstering the city’s claim as the “9th island.” The restaurant is located in the space formerly occupied by Norm’s Eggs Cafe. They’ve done a great job making the interior more inviting with darker woods and turquoise paint to give it more of an island feel. There’s a decent sized dining area and also a counter you can sit at that looks into the kitchen.

Their menu isn’t very focused. There’s some Hawaiian inspired fare that seems to be the main attractions and also shows the most creativity. Then there’s some French and American dishes thrown in, along with a breakfast burrito. So, it’s a hodgepodge of breakfast and lunch stuff that’s probably good for their bottom line, but doesn’t really show what they’re about or where they want to take this restaurant.

On my first visit, shortly after they opened, I only grabbed a couple pastries. At the time they were outsourcing their pastries and the product was poor with the chocolate croissant soggy and limp and the almond croissant tasting like it was days old.

A second, more recent visit, showed much improvement. First, a thick, biscuit-like scone to start. Followed by their 9th Island French toast. Using a sweet Hawaiian bread, it’s more like a dessert, but if you like sweets, you’ll love this dish, especially when it’s drenched in coconut syrup and guava cream cheese.

This place shows some promise but will have to re-focus their menu and improve their pastries.

3 Stars

3655 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 982-2111

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