Located a few doors down from Goyemon, off of Decatur. Despite its name, there isn’t an outdoor patio, but the interior, with its dark wood palettes, faux grass, swing, and plants, creates enough of an outdoor vibe that it doesn’t matter. They did a great job decorating this place. The modern, yet approachable and comforting feel makes it a place you’d want to hang out for hours. And, with their selection of teas, coffees, and sweets you may just do that. This place was created by Bank Atcharawan, former sommelier of Lotus of Siam, who rose to local culinary fame with the opening of Chada Thai and Chad Street.

The Thai tea cake is my favorite item here. Made from layers of cake and custard, it has a subtle tea profile with hints of caramel. I’m typically not a fan of red beans, but the Matcha red bean cake was excellent. A strong matcha flavor is accentuated by the bite from the blackberry sauce.

The Hong Kong waffle is another solid option. The crispy and light bubble waffle comes with your choice of house-made ice cream. We opted for the corn berry swirl flavor, which was a great accompaniment.

The tropical fruit custard buttered toast is a thick, single slice of sweet, eggy bread covered in a custard made from Asian fruits that had a slight bubble gum taste to it. This wasn’t a large dessert and may be best as an appetizer of sorts before diving into the larger desserts.

I like the texture of the chocolate soy pudding, much like a flan, with a mild chocolate taste to it. It sat above some shaved ice and was covered with condensed milk and fruit. I’m typically not a big fan of these types of desserts over shaved ice, but if you are you’ll love their version.

One of their unique dishes is the berry grilled cheese. It’s like a sweet version of a grilled cheese that uses brie cheese, strawberries, and pomegranates together. While I wasn’t crazy about the profile, it was worth getting at least this one time.

4 Stars

5255 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 433-4301