*** Update: Business closed in early 2018 ***

Due to personal reasons, my blogging has decreased the past several months and now I have a backlog of written or partially-written reviews three or four dozen deep. I’m finally getting around to posting again and while some may be outdated (this one included), they still may be relevant.

There’s plenty to like at this diner out of Florida. My favorite thing to date has been their fried chicken and waffles. The texture of the waffle was great — light and crispy, just like I like it and the chicken was so tender and juicy thanks to them brining the bird over night. The crust is nice and thick and well seasoned. It’s a huge portion with half a bird, so plan on sharing.

The crab cake benedict was really good, too. Lots of crab meat with a modest amount of filler, fried and topped with eggs with a side of home fries. Also popular is their Charleston shrimp and grits. They take the grits and form them into blocks that are fried, then covered in gravy and shrimp. It’s mighty tasty with just enough spice to let your taste buds know they’re there. It’s filled with plenty of shrimp and overall a huge portion size.

On the sweeter side, they have different types of stuffed French toasts. The “Apple yo halla” was available on our first visit. It was like a cheesecake sandwiched between challah French toast topped with fried apples.

With other locations recently opened throughout the valley, I can only hope that they can maintain the high quality food at each spot.

4 Stars

9595 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89147