It’s off the beaten path from more popular areas of Boulder City, and the location in a small strip mall may not look like much, but the barbecue was amazing! The beef ribs were a showstopper, not only because of their massive Flintstone-esque appearance, but because the flavor from those huge, tender chunks of meat was better than any other beef ribs I’ve ever had. The rub was a perfect blend of spices to give it smokiness, hints of heat, with enough salinity to make your mouth water.

The 2 meat combo was great too. The brisket was perfectly meaty and fatty with some good smoke to the flavor. The pork ribs (3 of them) had plenty of fall-off-the bone meat. Fries, covered in a steak seasoning, were a great addition to the combo, too. The mac n cheese was the weak link, as it was too watery. Strangely, other orders at our table were just the opposite.

5 Stars

1007 Elm St
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 489-2211