“Eat! Eat!” Those are the words my parents would repeat countless times during every meal as they shoveled food on to my plate. A meal was never done until there was nothing left. For some reason, my parents thought overindulging would benefit starving kids half a world away. Nope. It just turned me into a fat kid who loved food.

Now older and slimmer, but with the same passion for eating, I blog from Las Vegas. What started as a way to catalog my food porn has now turned into a humble blog detailing my search for the best eats on and off the Strip (plus some random meals elsewhere).

You’re probably wondering what kind of experience I have in the culinary world that makes me qualified to write about food. Well, I have none. I’m just your average joe who likes to eat. And, of course, I like to write and take pictures of what I stuff in to my face.

While food has always been my hobby, art has been paying my bills. I’m an art director trying to change the world one pixel at a time. Specializing in digital media, I’ve worked on defining the online presence for many national and local brands in the realm of sports, entertainment, hospitality, and real estate.

Thanks for stopping by. I may not share my food, but I will tell you all about it.

Twitter: @BiteAndSwitchLV